What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip, about the size of a grain of rice, programmed with an identification number. It is enclosed in biocompatible glass and is small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle. Once a pet is microchipped, it can be identified throughout it's life with this unique number.

How is the Microchip implanted?

The microchip is implanted beneath the skin, between the shoulder blades, in the same manner as giving a shot. It cannot be felt or seen. Most pets react to having the microchip implanted the same way they do to receiving any other shot. The microchip does not contain anything that will burn or irritate the skin.

I have a tiny Toy Breed or Kitten - Can I still have them Microchipped?

Yes! Toy breeds, small puppies and kittens can still have a microchip implanted. The same size microchip is used in even smaller animals including fish and birds. For the comfort of smaller pets, we may recommend waiting until they are under anesthesia for their spay or neuter to implant the chip.

How does Microchip identification work?

A special scanner is used to detect and read the microchip number. The pet feels nothing when scanned. The microchp number is displayed on the scanner. The person reading the scanner then contacts a national registry to obtain the owners name and contact information.

Do Shelters or Veterinarians scan pets for Microchips?

Animal shelters and veterinarians are finding microchips in more and more pets. Pet owners have been reunited with microchipped pets that have been missing for years or that have travelled many miles from home.

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